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The DCG Track Club coaches will attend the meets designated with an asterisk. Athletes may attend other meets independently. An individual USATF membership is not required to compete in any meet other than the USATF state meet. All athletes with an individual USATF membership are eligible to participate in the USATF state meet. Parents are responsible for completing the online registration and paying the associated $20 registration fee to obtain an individual USATF membership for those athletes competing in the state meet. Please click here for additional details. Only athletes that qualify through the USATF state meet have the option to attend the USATF regional meet. Similarly, athletes that qualify through the regional meet have the option to attend the USATF national meet.

2018 Meet Schedule
04/24/18 (Tuesday)
Grand Blue Mile (Des Moines, IA) *
Live Healthy Iowa Kids Ages 9-14 (Ankeny, IA) *
05/06/18 (Sunday) 
Iowa Speed Track Club (Iowa City, IA) 
05/12/18 (Saturday) 
Excaliburs Track Club (Waukee, IA) *
05/24/18 (Thursday) 
Johnston Track Club (Johnston, IA) *
Relay Events Only (No Individual Running or Field Events)
06/03/18 (Sunday) 
Johnston Track Club (Johnston, IA) *
USATF State Meet (Ames, IA) *
AAU Regional Meet (Indianola, IA)
USATF Regional Meet (Ames, IA)
USATF National Meet (Greensboro, NC)
AAU National Meet (Des Moines, IA)

Most meets allow for day of registration prior to the start of the meet. Parents are responsible for registering their child at such meets. A few meets require pre-registration. Coaches are responsible for registering athletes at such meets. Registrants are typically allowed to compete in three to four events per meet and must declare their events at the time of registration.

USATF rules require athletes to compete in age divisions based on birth year. However, age divisions are occasionally combined provided there are a limited numbers of registrants for a particular event. Please click here to review 2018 USATF youth age divisions.

Age Division Age Birth Year
SA - Sub Bantam 8 and Under 2010+
A - Bantam 9-10 2008-2009
B - Midget 11-12 2006-2007
C - Youth 13-14 2004-2005
D - Intermediate 15-16 2002-2003
E - Young 17-18 2000-2001
Running Events Eligible Age Groups
1500m Racewalk A, B
3000m Racewalk C
3000m Run B, C
100m Dash Prelims SA, A, B, C
200m Hurdles C
4x800m Relay B, C
400m Dash SA, A, B, C
80m/100m Hurdles B, C
200m Dash SA, A, B, C
800m Run SA, A, B, C
100m Dash Finals SA, A, B, C
4x100m Relay SA, A, B, C
1500m Run SA, A, B, C
4x400m Relay SA, A, B, C
Field Events Eligible Age Groups
Long Jump SA, A, B, C
Triple Jump C
High Jump A, B, C
Shot Put SA, A, B, C
Discus B, C
Turbo Javelin SA, A, B
Javelin C

Most meets follow a rolling schedule such that each event is started immediately after the previous event is completed. Coaches are not be able to provide an accurate event start time based on the nature of the rolling schedule. Parents/Athletes are responsible for event check-in and should remain attentive for event calls.

Parents are responsible for athlete supervision at all times. Parents are responsible for providing alternative supervision for their child provided a parent cannot attend a meet. Coaches are not responsible for supervision.